SUCCESS: Toby Waggett
SUCCESS: Toby Waggett

BACK in December some members of Teesdale Sailing and Watersports Club, who were missing the excitement of taking to the water, decided to seek a new challenge in the virtual world of e-sailing.
Each week since they have been meeting up on their computers via the Zoom platform and racing all types of virtual boats against one another in famous and exotic locations around the world.
Two weeks ago a club championship was held and, just as in the real world, Toby Waggett, of Eggleston, who is just ten, came out on top.
His prize was to go on and represent the club in the Northern Regional Championships held by the Royal Yachting Association last week.
This might have been a daunting prospect for older members of the club, but with the optimism of youth, Toby entered the competition with confidence and in the first of six races announced that he was not about to be rolled over easily by finishing sixth out of 13 club champions.
Competitors were representing clubs from all over the north of England and many were excellent sailors in their own right.
There was keen rivalry amongst the three north east representatives with Toby comfortably beating the sailor from Derwent Reservoir, but unfortunately having to concede to a very good sailor from Tynemouth.
Nevertheless, Toby was a great ambassador for Teesdale Sailing and Watersports Club, and sailed well to finish ninth overall.
He received very complimentary remarks from the organisers in their closing comments, and club members look forward to seeing him develop in both the real and virtual sailing worlds in the future.
Teesdale Sailing and Watersports Club actively promotes sailing for all and in particular young sailors in Teesdale.
The club hopes to open up for sailing in April (government regulations allowing) so if you fancy a go at the real thing, even if you have no previous experience, see the club website for further information –
Richard Hewitt