JUBILANT TIMES: Winner of the Jubilee Jumbles competition was Neil Bailey, right, with 26 points, ahead of runner-up Bill Carter with 24
JUBILANT TIMES: Winner of the Jubilee Jumbles competition was Neil Bailey, right, with 26 points, ahead of runner-up Bill Carter with 24

Barnard Castle Bowling Club

Monday Evening League

FOR various reasons, some of the Monday Leaguers had taken to their beds, but with a bit of juggling about and the French police on hand to control the crowds, proceedings kicked off on time.

There were gasps of surprise when the Odd Bowls fielded a full team as Alan Wearmouth, fresh from partying in Ibiza, returned to partner Kevin Cross who you may remember has been bereft of mates for some time.

As it turned out it didn’t help as they were the recipients of a 5-12 marmalizing from Boys in Blue Peter Rimmington and Dave Smith, whose second half performance was just short of breathtaking.

The Alwyn Brothers were down to one and brought in sub Paul Craddock for their game against the formidable Wall and Watters.

Despite losing the first four ends, Paul and Alwyn Dowson recovered a bit to go in at halftime 5-3 down. It looks like too much of Mary’s cake had a detrimental effect as they only won one more end while Stephen and Neil powered their way to 13 points and second place in the league.

Due to the juggling of players, Ann Hodgson and Denise Dent had to play right through for the Pink Panthers against The Bold Eagles who started with Colin Watson and John Robinson. The cold must have had an effect on the scorer as it looks like a badly filled in Pools coupon but it would appear the Boldies went in at the break 6-2 up when John took a rest and Graham Moore entered the fray.

The Pinkies gave themselves some hope by winning three of the next four ends but had obviously peaked early as they lost the next four allowing the Boldies with the aid of the joker to take the game 12-5.

Men in Black Angus Dowson and Frank Ashmore had to play unchanged in their game against the Young’ns who have more players than any other team. They started with Brian Smurthwaite and Blistering Bob Lockyer and in a game that swung back and forth they went in at halftime drawing on four apiece.

As is the Young’ns game plan they swapped players bringing on Bill Carter and Alan Gowland while the old MiB flogged on and by the 16th end both teams had won their jokers but it was the MiB who just edged it 10-8.

Brian Carter survived last week’s run-out and returned to partner first Joan Lee and then June Parkin as Trio Nova took on the mighty Team Kryptonite featuring Tony “Short Bowls” Barkshire and David Gurnhill.

Honours were even at the break where a TK team talk resulted in David making way for John Tallentire.

In a highly entertaining second half Trio Nova pegged away, taking the lead going into the last end and despite TK scoring with their joker they still lost out 9-8.

Gillian Harle, flushed with success after last week’s win, had to borrow Mary Lambert for the Lavender Ladies’ game against Likely Lads Peter Shovlin and Michael Littlefair, who has had the Arkansas Chuggabug out on the road and missed the last three weeks.

The Lavs went in at halftime 5-3 up and were all square at 7-7 with three to play. They won two of these to give them a second win of the season 9-8.

It’s continuing to be tight at the top but by one point the Bold Eagles are checking out the wine list at the top spot on 64 points while Trio Nova are checking out the winos on Desolation Row with 38 points. No game next week but I’ll publish the League table so you don’t miss out.


Men’s Vets League

The A team were away at Darlington Hundens. The game was rained off before the minimum 15 ends were played so we think the points were shared 2-2 but apparently the league secretary hasn’t made his mind up yet.

The B team were away at Richmond playing their B team and won 3-1.

Alwyn Dowson, Bill Carter and John Robinson took the top rink with a 18-13 win which helped Barney take the long game 51-50 and retain their spot as League leaders.

Men’s Darlington and

District League

The team were away at Spennymoor, playing their A team, a daunting task at the best of times made even more difficult with our team are finding their feet. Consequently we lost 5-0, still onward and upwards.

Ladies’ bowls

Thursday’s Afternoon League match at Northallerton was a daunting prospect against the league leaders. The hosts took all four league points, winning the long game 61-34.33.

The heavy rain on Tuesday evening forced the postponement of the tie against Darlington South Park Thunderbirds in the knock-out cup.