MISTY: Barnard Castle on bank holiday Monday afternoon, December 27
MISTY: Barnard Castle on bank holiday Monday afternoon, December 27

Teesdale weekly forecast, issued Sunday, December 26, valid Wednesday, December 29, until Sunday, January 2.

The jetstream will be well to our north this week putting us into very mild tropical air. Atlantic depressions will push their rain-bearing weather fronts across Teesdale while the balancing anticyclone sits across Iberia. There is little chance of any snow and frosts will be fleeting if they happen at all.

This week's overall prediction for mid-Teesdale: high 12°C (54°F), low 2°C (35°F), precipitation 25mm (1.0in), sunshine 10hr, high gust 50mph. Risks: flooding high, gale high, grass frost low, fell snow low.

This week the Atlantic storm track will affect the UK. The trend will be changeable as a series of fronts move across the country. Later in the week, things remain active and windy as further depressions affect the country. 

Tuesday and Thursday are looking particularly wet for all parts of the country. There will be some breaks in the rain as transitory anticyclonic ridges move across. 

Temperatures are expected to rise 4C or 5C above normal by mid-week. This is a big change from last week and I am much more confident about the forecast this time.

Last week's weather (Copley Met Office site): Screen temperature 1.7°C (normally 3.1°C). High 7°C(45°F) Thursday. Low -3°C (27°F) Wednesday. Low grass surface -7°C (19°F) Wednesday. Windiest 23mph Friday. Precipitation 12mm (norm 20mm). Sunshine 0hr (norm 16hr). Fresh snow 9cm (4in).

Teesdale managed a White Christmas again this year with a few flakes falling on Christmas Day, but it was Boxing Day that saw the snow lying. No sunshine was recorded at all last week with winds off the North Sea, hopefully the change to a south-westerly will bring us a little sun this week.

Ken Cook