The front page
The front page

This week's paper is out now – here's what's making the news:

Not guilty... priest cleared after trial into indecent assault allegations.

Trip hoping to break two world records by rowing Atlantic.

Teesdale School looks to its own for head appointment.

Plea for government to use Barney testing lab.

Surprise entry by missing walker at his own press conference.

Pest control officers combat rat infestation.

Pledge to reopen health services at Richardson Hospital.

Image of district nurse in the Blackpool nights.

Keeping up with the Quarantines – my world really has turned upside down.

Hydrotherapy pool is helping keep Covid-hit business afloat.

Remember When.

Three pages of farming.


Plus letters, community news, what's on, personal announcements, motors and classified ads.

Sport – Cup triumph for town cricketers; West's cup win on penalties and more.