RATHER YOU THAN ME: Callum Bainbridge sat in a bath of soup
RATHER YOU THAN ME: Callum Bainbridge sat in a bath of soup

WACKY challenges carried out by managers at Morrisons, in Barnard Castle, helped to bring in more than £1,000 for a cancer charity.
Wearing fancy dress, sponsored cycle rides and sitting in a bath of tomato soup were just some of the challenges staff took part to in help CLIC Sargent raise cash for a new home from home for young cancer patients.
Jack’s House will provide young cancer patients and their families with somewhere to stay near their hospital in Manchester.
The house has been named after 12-year-old Jack Thompson, from Washington, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was a baby which left him registered blind.
Although in his seventh round of chemotherapy, the youngster has raised £115,000 for the charity and was keen to take part in the fundraising activities at Morrisons when he was guest of honour.
Managers at the store came up with different challenges and the public were invited to take part using exercise bikes.
Staff member Tracey Bell donated £20 to ensure she was first in line pull wax strips from services manager Keith Bell’s legs and even donated a further £20 to ensure youngster Jack could assist.
Eating and drinking a fish platter and seafood smoothie was the challenge for fish-phobe Alex Bell.
Another manager, Callum Bainbridge, did his challenge sitting down – in a bath of cold soup.
In exchange for donations, members of the public were also able to get involved, pouring in more liquid.
A raffle, tombola, sale of Jack’s House pin badges as well as buckets at the tills raised £1,001.44.
Morrisons community champion Gillian Robinson said: “We’re yet to get a total for sponsorship money for all the managers’ challenges but hopefully we will have more money going in the buckets.”