UPSET: Residents Billy Brophy, Graham Dodds and Ian Henderson are furious over road repairs in Hutton Magna
UPSET: Residents Billy Brophy, Graham Dodds and Ian Henderson are furious over road repairs in Hutton Magna

HUTTON Magna residents are angry over roadworks which they say are costing “thousands of pounds to solve a problem that doesn’t exist”.
Residents were surprised when work crews from Durham County Council arrived in the village last Wednesday to repair a drainage gully and raise about 20 metres of roadside
kerbstones to alleviate flooding.
The work, which is costing £13,750 and will take about two weeks to complete, was instigated after a complaint about flooding was made, but some residents feel the work is a “waste of money”.
Billy Brophy, chairman of Hutton Magna Parish Meeting, said residents hadn’t been notified of the work, which has meant some are unable to park outside their homes.
He added: “We knew nothing about this until the council workmen arrived and said they were putting a new gully in because of flooding.
“We would have to have a flood of biblical proportions to have a flood along the green.
“Someone has complained there was a flooding problem that we don’t have.
“They are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.”
Resident Ian Henderson said: “It’s a total waste of public money. I rang the council and they said they did a letter drop, but no one in the village has been given one.
“If the gully they are talking about ever flooded, my home would have had water coming in the door, but it never
However, David Llewellyn, who has lived in his beckside home for 35 years, said: “I’m not against the work if it helps with the run-off on the road, but what the council do need to do is unclog the drains.
“I don’t think they have flushed the drains for years and they get silted up with debris and that causes a problem at the bottom of the village and on the bridge.”
Paul Watson, Durham County Council’s strategic highways manager, said: “Following a complaint from a Hutton Magna resident about damage to a footpath we investigated and found this had been caused by surface water run-off from the adjacent road.
“A scheme was designed to resolve this but due to an error, letters we would normally send to nearby residents letting them know of planned work were not issued.
“We apologise for this error and appreciate the patience of residents while we carry out these essential works, which are due to be completed within the next fortnight.”