ILLEGALLY KILLED: The buzzards found dead in woodland last year
ILLEGALLY KILLED: The buzzards found dead in woodland last year

TWO men are helping police with their enquiries after two birds of prey were found dead in Teesdale.
Last Wednesday morning Barnard Castle Police, the RSPB, Natural England and the National Wildlife Crime Unit carried out searches at two properties at an undisclosed location in the dale.
It follows an incident last year when two common buzzards were found dead in Teesdale woodland. Forensic tests indicate they were illegally poisoned with a banned pesticide.
After gathering information, the team searched the properties for any harmful substances and two men are now helping officers with their enquiries.
Police have declined to give any further information about where in Teesdale the properties are or where the birds were found.
PC David Williamson, who led the operation, said: “We will always do everything we can to support our rural communities and work with partners to act on information received about alleged criminal activity.
“The positive action taken will continue and I would encourage anyone with information about this type of crime to get in touch.”
The action was part of the Health and Safety Executive’s Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme which was makes enquiries into any wildlife that may have died from pesticide poisoning.
Guy Shorrock, senior investigating officer for the RSPB, provided specialist advice on the subject. He said: “The illegal killing of birds of prey is a serious national problem so we are delighted with the really well-prepared response from Durham Police, working with partner agencies.
“We hope this sends a clear message that the illegal killing of birds of prey won’t be tolerated and action will be taken.”
Ian Guildford, investigative support officer for the National Wildlife Crime Unit, added: “It was a very well organised response and great to see agencies coming together to tackle this type of issue.”
If you have any information call 101.