EXTENSION PLEA: The layby in Startforth
EXTENSION PLEA: The layby in Startforth

DAMAGE to vehicles and a grassed area in Startforth has prompted a request for a layby extension.
Residents in Corn Close have limited off-street parking with a six-car layby serving seven houses.
The narrow, unclassified road links the A67 and Boldron Lane and is often used by large farm machinery as a cut through.
Cllr Peter Worley told members of the parish council at the last meeting that several residents have asked for the layby to be extended.
He said: “Cars are parking on the grassed area and there is a high volume of farm traffic at this time of year. It narrows and there are cars sticking out.”
He added if the layby was deepened to allow cars to park “nose in” it would double the number of bays and fix the issue. The clerk, Judith Mashiter, will forward the request to Durham County Council.