ONE STEP BEYOND: David Hyde of Gainford celebrates taking his one-millionth step at Gainford Spa
ONE STEP BEYOND: David Hyde of Gainford celebrates taking his one-millionth step at Gainford Spa

A GAINFORD fundraiser has covered the equivalent of 500 miles to support his daughter’s efforts to overcome a crippling condition.

David Hyde set himself the challenge of walking a million steps throughout June to raise £1,000 to help fund stem cell treatment for his 34-year-old daughter, Linz.

She has been diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) and faces a £40,000 bill for treatment only available in America.

In the event, Mr Hyde’s challenge, called MS 4 MS – a Million Steps for Multiple Sclerosis – raised more than £3,000.

Mr Hyde said: “I think the highlight was taking my millionth step at Gainford Spa – it is one of my favourite places.

“There has been so much kindness, with people putting money in envelopes through the letterbox as well as donating on my Just Giving page.”

He said one lady who read about his challenge gave up smoking at the beginning of June and put her daily cigarette money in an envelope. By the end of the month she had raised £200 for MS 4 MS.

Mr Hyde added: “The response has been incredible. Some friends who lived in Teesdale but moved to Guernsey 20 years ago saw me in the online edition of the Teesdale Mercury and got in touch.”

The final total of steps taken during June by Mr Hyde was 1,040,771, which equates to 503 miles.

On two days Mr Hyde said he managed more than 45,000 steps – in excess of 20 miles.

During the month he averaged 16 – 17 miles a day.

Mr Hyde said: “Not bad for a 65 year old.”

Mr Hyde said he is feeling really good and his knees, which have ached for years, have stopped hurting.

He said: “When I set out in the first week I felt like I was just going for a stroll and so I didn’t look after my diet.

“It wasn’t long before I was feeling light headed.

“Once my diet was sorted I found I could eat whatever I wanted.

“I just want to say a tremendous thank you for everyone who has supported me over the last month it has been amazing.”

However, Mr Hyde will not be putting his feet up any time soon – a three month DIY project now awaits.