KEEP ON RUNNING: Kevin Maughan runs around his cul-de-sac on his way to a marathon
KEEP ON RUNNING: Kevin Maughan runs around his cul-de-sac on his way to a marathon

KEEN runner Kevin Maughan completed his first marathon event on a course he devised himself, raising funds for a charity that provides financial support and breaks to children with life-limiting conditions.
Mr Maughan, from Barnard Castle, was eager to add a few miles to the Maia Mouse Foundation’s Walk the World which was launched last month and aims to get people to walk a combined 50 million steps, covering 25,000 miles.
He said: “I’d never run a marathon before – the furthest I’d done is 19 miles – but I worked out that one lap of the cul-de-sac on my street is equivalent of 0.16 miles and I reckoned I needed to do 170 laps and I thought I’d call it The Albert Close Marathon.”
Although there was no medal ceremony at the end of the course, Mr Maughan said raising more than £1,700 was reward in itself.
Friends and residents cheered him on through the morning as he completed lap after lap, something he said helped keep him focused.
He added: “It was so motivating having people come along and cheer me on. I had aimed to raise about £450 but when Mike Dodgson, one of the trustees, told me that £250 was enough for one family to get a grant that really pushed me to try to get more.”
During the four hours and 17 minutes it took Mr Maughan to complete his challenge, he was given regular updates on the fundraising totals, posting videos on social media while he ran.
“It was so uplifting to have people cheering me on and it helped keep me going,” he said. “The support I had was fantastic. The community in Barnard Castle and Teesdale can be fantastic and they really came out top for me.
“I really started to feel it at mile 21. The whole lower half of my body felt completely gone, but it lifted me knowing what I was doing could help seven families. It just about killed me off. But I can tell you one thing, every single step was worth it.”
Mr Maughan’s epic first marathon raised £1,760 for the Maia Mouse Foundation, though anyone who wishes to make a donation has until June 30. They can go to
Go to for more information.