A major housing estate is proposed
A major housing estate is proposed

RABY Estates is considering building 70 homes in Staindrop as part of a wider plan to upgrade its heritage assets, it has emerged.

A Raby officer has met members of Staindrop Parish Council to make the estate’s plans clear.

Potential developments include a housing development on land along Winston Road. A spokesperson for Raby Estates said many of the nationally and internationally important heritage assets owned by the estate are threatened because of the high cost of maintenance.

The spokesperson added: “In many cases there is an urgent need to find a new use and purpose for those buildings.” The estate has already made Raby Castle more accessible to visitors by removing the entrance kiosk.

The spokesperson said: “We are now seeing many more local people enjoying Raby in a way they have not done previously. Potential opportunities have been identified at Staindrop and Gainford to help facilitate the continued safeguarding of these areas for future generations and we are at an early stage of investigating these opportunities.

“We will be working closely with local communities in Staindrop and Gainford as our proposals emerge.”

The estate has already held meetings in Gainford to hear people’s views on developments for Gainford Hall.

Staindrop Parish Council’s clerk Judith Mashiter confirmed some members had met a Raby officer over the estate’s future plans and a report would be given at the next parish council meeting.

It is due to take place at Scarth Hall at 7.15pm on Thursday, June 20. The public are welcome to attend.