NEW MP: Labour's Sam Rushworth
NEW MP: Labour's Sam Rushworth

SAM Rushworth has been elected as MP for the Bishop Auckland constituency.

The Labour candidate won the seat with a total number of 17,036 votes. There were 40,560 total applicable votes and a turnout of 57.33%.

Conservative candidate Jane MacBean came second with 10,364 votes, with Reform’s Rhys Burris third with 9,466.

In a speech after the announcement, the newly-elected MP said: “Bishop Auckland has voted decisively for change, and it does now look as if Britain has voted for change with a new Labour government led by Keir Starmer.

“The result is a rejection of the chaotic and divisive politics of the populist right, as people have chosen hope over fear, and a government that serves the national interest, not self-interest. 

"As your MP, I will fight for economic stability, cheaper bills, safer streets, the NHS back on its feet, secure borders, and better opportunities for our children."

Mr Rushworth thanked the former Conservative MP Dehenna Davison for her work throughout Bishop Auckland and support.

He added: “There is no magic wand but through discipline, hard work, and pragmatic solutions we will turn the page on 14 years of decline and get Britain its future back.

“I commit to working tirelessly to serve everyone regardless of how you voted in this election, and to being a voice and representative to our entire community in Westminster.

“I know that many people voted Labour for the first time at this election. We have campaigned as a changed Labour Party.”

Full results for Bishop Auckland:

LABOUR – Sam Rushworth 17,036

CONSERVATIVE – Jane MacBean 10,364

REFORM – Rhys Burris 9,466

GREEN – Sarah Hannan 1,857

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT – Helen Cross 1,373

TRANSFORM – Rachel Maughan 331