TRAFFIC WOES: The bollard in question
TRAFFIC WOES: The bollard in question

AN attempt to make a dangerous junction in Middleton-in-Teesdale safer by installing a bollard has only made it worse, it has been claimed.

The village’s parish council met Durham County Council officers in December last year to discuss traffic problems in the village, including concerns about a junction along California Row.

It was decided to install three bollards to prevent people from parking to close to the junction and to improve visibility for those turning onto California Row.

County officers say they cannot install more bollards because of underground utilities.

The parish council was dismayed when it met during an emergency meeting in August to learn that only one bollard had been installed.

Parish clerk Judith Mashiter said: “One bollard there isn’t solving the problem because a vehicle just backs up to the bollard and you still can’t see coming out onto the road. I have replied to Durham and asked what else they are going to do about it.”

Parish chairman Cllr Andy Mitchell added: “Several residents have complained they have had trouble coming out of there – it actually makes it worse. I think they should do what they initially said they would do and put in two additional bollards.

Durham County Council says it will work with the parish council to find a solution.

Head of Transport for the county Adrian White said: “Having met the parish council to discuss its concerns we looked into what could be done to stop people parking near this junction.

“We have now installed one bollard but the presence of public utility equipment means we are unable to put in more.

“We are looking at whether there is anything further we can do and will be responding to the council as soon as we can.”