CRAZY hairdos and mufti clothes were the order of the day as children at Green Lane Primary School set about raising cash to twin their school loo.

If successful, it will be the first school to sign up to the campaign to twin toilets in Barnard Castle with those in impoverished countries.

Toilet twinning campaigner Ian Blake was on hand to admire the lengths some of the children went to with their dramatic hairstyles.

He has already encouraged St Mary’s parish church, the Firkin Alley pub and Oliviers furniture store in the town to twin their toilets.

The £60 cost enables a twin toilet to be built in Africa and Asia.

Mr Blake said: “I hoped people would be interested but I never expected it to take off with such speed.

“I would be delighted if the school could twin a whole block [of toilets] which costs £240, but if they can do just one it is fantastic.”

He added that girls in particular are discouraged from going to school without toilets and in one case 65 girls had enrolled at an African school after a block of toilets had been installed.