CHILD’S PLAY: The goals installed at Green Lane play area
CHILD’S PLAY: The goals installed at Green Lane play area

AN instruction book outlining how to correctly install a set of children’s football goalposts cost Barnard Castle Town Council almost as much as the apparatus itself.

The group spent £122 on a copy of the British Stand-

ards Association publication BS8461:2005+ A1:2009 Football goals code of practice.

This sets out guidelines for the correct procurement, maintenance, storage and inspection of goalposts.

Members of the services committee were told the actual set of posts – which have been installed at Green Lane play area – only cost £127.72.

Councillors decided it was more cost effective to provide the facilities this way after being quoted more than £1,800 for an outside firm to come at install the posts.

They bought the costly book to ensure the council followed the proper guidelines in the event of any injury involving the posts being suffered.

Town mayor Cllr Sandra Moorhouse said: “Now we have got the book, we can put them [posts] up elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, committee members were told a donation of £800 had been received by the council from the Marwood Trust to help pay for a new cycle track at Green Lane play area. The town council, in its role as the sole trustee of Barnard Castle Playing Fields Charity, has been considering building a cycle track at the play area for the past year or so.

The scheme stalled after initial estimates suggested it could cost up to £50,000 to install a track.

Services committee chairman Cllr Roger Peat said the scheme had been pared back to a much simpler design of a track just running round the boundary of the play area.

“It's in keeping with the play area. It's aimed at a younger age group, which is why the goalposts are of a certain size,” he said.

“This would be an ideal place for people to learn how to ride a bike properly and in a safe environment.

“It’s not a BMX track or anything like that.”

The plan for a cycle track will be discussed at the next meeting of the full town council.