ON ALERT: An incident at Easter has caused concern
ON ALERT: An incident at Easter has caused concern

POLICE are advising the elderly to be on their guard after cold callers preyed on residents in Cotherstone.

Two men have been knocking on doors around the village, claiming they are selling clothes.

However, on at on occasion it is claimed they carried out a distraction thefts.

Adam Alston, who owns the village shop and post office, contacted police on Good Friday after hearing that one man had been tricked out of money. He said: “We were told that a man in the village had been sold some stuff and they had taken another £20 from him by using a sleight of hand trick and confusing him.

“They also asked him for their bus fare even though they were driving.

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“I heard they were at Birkett Close on Easter Saturday so I went up there. I had a word with the man. His accent was not local. He denied any wrong doing but as soon as I said police are on their way he got in his vehicle and left the village.”

The two suspects are described as being a man in his 40s and tone in his teens, both of Asian appearance. They are also described as being well dressed and were travelling in a white van.

Mr Alston recalls the two males selling clothing from a suitcase as well as hi-vis workwear from the back of a van. He also recalls them both wearing turbans.

Mr Alston said: “It is the first time we have heard of it while we have been in Cotherstone but apparently they have been round here a few times before. It is completely immoral.”

A spokesperson from Durham Police said: “We would like to reassure residents that we are following a number of lines of enquires to bring these offenders to justice. We would remind residents to remain vigilant.”