BLOCK PARTY: Work is getting under way on a lego model of The Bowes Museum
BLOCK PARTY: Work is getting under way on a lego model of The Bowes Museum

SCULPTURES of The Bowes Museum’s treasures are being created by renowned Lego artist Steve Mayes.

These models will be displayed at the museum’s blockbuster summer exhibition – Lego Building The Bowes Museum, which will be on from May 25 to October 1.

It will include a Lego creation station where people of all ages can let their imaginations go wild and build their own museum of treasures.

A programme of talks, workshops and events has also been put together from dementia friendly activities to late-night “block parties” where adults can embrace their inner child and get their creative juices flowing with the bricks and a drink.

The Bowes Museum will celebrate the opening of this exhibition with a family fun day on Saturday, May 25.

Steve Mayes, who is currently building an intricate model of the museum at his home studio, said: “It’s been a thrill to recreate the treasures of the museum in Lego.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how my creations will spark people’s imaginations, what kinds of museums they might build and what objects they would treasure.”

Jane Whittaker, The Bowes Museum head of collections, said: “The sculptures of our most treasured objects will really take your breath away as will the scale of our Lego creation station.

“There’s a real nostalgia to building with Lego. It rekindles a youthful optimism – making anything possible.

“It’s a way of disconnecting from our busy world’s for a while for a while – it’s mindful and therapeutic.”