PLANNING ROW: Land to east of Ornella View, Mickleton
PLANNING ROW: Land to east of Ornella View, Mickleton

COUNCILLORS voted to approve plans for a home in Mickleton despite claims from neighbours that it would affect privacy and damage the village’s character.
Stephen Walton was given the green light by Durham County Council planning committee last Tuesday to build a four-bedroom detached house on land to the east of Ornella View.
More than 20 objection letters were sent with concerns the property would overshadow and overlook existing homes.
Mickleton Parish Council also objected, saying the elevated position of the house would damage views of the conservation area. The application also received five letters of support.
Maria Ferguson, speaking on behalf of the applicant, told the committee Mr Walton and his wife were dismayed by the objections from others in the village and wanted members to take note of the letters of support from local businesses.
She added: “Mr Walton and his wife originate from Mickleton and the property is for his family to move into and remain in when they retire.
“Indeed, your planning policies do support small developments in villages to make them more sustainable, supporting the services, schools and shops.
“Several of the objections refer to the open protected spaces within the village referenced in the former Teesdale Plan. This space was not one of these protected spaces.
“Furthermore, it doesn’t allow views out of the conservation area due to the fact it rises up to the south, you can’t see out from the garden of Ornella View from the road.
“The site is not an isolated one. We are not proposing a property in open countryside.”
A new house on the site would be visible from the footpath along with all the other houses and buildings.
“The houses to the south are 50 metres away so there is no loss of light.”
Cllr Shirley Quinn said: “I can’t see a problem with the application.
“It is not going to be visible from the neighbouring properties. I can’t see a reason to object to it.”
Cllr Liz Brown suggested a construction plan should be a condition of approval with a schedule of work times on the site given the village location.
Members voted unanimously to approve the application.