YOUNG VOICE: The Quaranteens
YOUNG VOICE: The Quaranteens

WHEN my head finally hits the pillow after a long day of online school the monotonous, beeping sound of Microsoft Teams alerting me that my teacher is trying to ring me, plays in my dreams like a broken record.
Back in September when my lower sixth journey began I would never have even considered the possibility of completing the summer term sat behind a computer screen.
Instead, I envisioned my pale body lying on the school grounds in the heat of the day, surrounded by all my friends, waiting for the school bell to ring at four o’clock so we could run into town and grab ourselves an ice cream.
Before lockdown began, I used to be the pen to paper kind; scribbling away until my hand felt as if it was about to drop off, as opposed to hunching over a keyboard trying to learn how to type correctly.
The support and online networking system my school has incorporated into my education has been phenomenal, and I’m extremely grateful to have been able to have a form of stability in my life during what has felt like a wave of uncertainty.
But on Monday, June 15, after meticulous planning and preparation, I was allowed back into school for the day!
Despite the somewhat questionable hairstyles, luminous tape running through the corridors, and the mandatory two-metre rule keeping me from hugging my friends, it was a taste of normal life which I’d craved.
Online school isn’t at all what I imagined when the transition was announced mid-March.
What I thought would be hours sat alone in my room has become valuable time to improve my independent learning, making me realise that I can do whatever I set my mind too without always having to ask for help.
Of course, there have been struggles along the way such as dreadful WIFI connection (I’m sure we’ve all been there) and chattering siblings during an online lesson, but the good times most definitely outweigh the bad.
I just wish Microsoft Teams would change their ring tone.
Amelia Oates