STRANGE DAYS: Amy Richardson
STRANGE DAYS: Amy Richardson

Keeping up with the Quaranteens

By Amy Richardson

IT’S very strange going from the world on your shoulders with A-Levels to then wake up each day without anything to do.
When my exams were cancelled, I was devastated, but now I think I am happier. I can focus on what makes me happy as opposed to living and breathing revision cards. I am no longer constantly traumatised by waiting for the timer on my phone to signal my next five minute break.
I originally thought that we year 13s had it bad, with no more exams. But now, my heart goes out to the year 12 students because I’m not so sure I would like to be learning A-level content online. Most of it is challenging enough, even when you can ask your teacher a thousand questions. However, I might change my mind on that one, come results day.
My new daily routine is a far cry from the busy life of school. I usually wake up around 8am or 9am – 10am to be realistic. After my smoothie and black coffee, I’ve found that mindfulness helps to add routine to my day and give me something to wake up to. It also eases any worries I have. I try to do an hour each day, split between meditation and some yoga.
After this, my days vary drastically. I sometimes do some painting and drawing and I’ve just started a new piece, casually forgetting about the hundreds of unfinished ones I have laying around. It’s a woman, in the nude, with some strategically placed butterflies on her body Next year, I am going on to do an art course so I am trying to continue practising.
I had applied to study ancient history, but with all of this uncertainty, I chose to defer my uni offers.
I thought that a free course for a year, gaining a qualification in a subject I had viewed as a hobby, would be a safe way to go. If I am not doing something arty – I will usually have a classics book in my hand.
I am currently reading Mary Beard’s Women and Power, which I highly recommend, particularly to those interested in feminism.
I tend to go to sleep at around 11pm, with the sound of Rick and Morty blasting on my laptop. Then I wake up to do it all again.
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