WILD AND RUGGED: The stunning landscape of Forest in Teesdale
WILD AND RUGGED: The stunning landscape of Forest in Teesdale

Kirsty Brien, a member of the outdoor team at The Hub, in Barnard Castle, takes us on a truly beautiful walk to appreciate the wild beauty of upper Teesdale and its magnificent landscape

Forest-in-Teesdale and the Upper Tees
1. Our walk starts in the tiny hamlet of Forest-in-Teesdale, walking up the hill to turn right on the public footpath that runs behind the school and a few houses. At Dale Cottage you rejoin a small road, turn right (downhill) which brings you out on the road opposite the Methodist church. Turn right on the road, then immediately left onto a track (a sign says private road but it is a public footpath).
2. After 500m the track splits (next to three postboxes), take the upper right hand track leading to the left of Watgarth farm, continue past, through a gate and then down the bank towards the bridge over the Tees.
3. Do not cross the bridge, but turn right and head upstream along the banks of the Tees. It is a spectacular stretch of river with lots of fantastic birdlife and incredible views. Keep on the bank for 1.2km (about 20 minutes) until reaching Saur Hill bridge.
4. Again do not cross the bridge, but turn right onto the track which climbs gently away from the river. Shortly after passing New House on the left, cross the road (Langdon Beck Youth Hostel can be seen just to the left).
5. Once across the road, follow the track uphill for 100m and turn right after the first wall, following it on a public footpath along the bottom edge of the field. Cross over a stile to follow the path between some newly planted saplings and then back into an open field. The footpath enters a walled track at Hanging Shaw before arriving back at the school at Forest-in-Teesdale.

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