WINNER: Jessica McCarthy with Prada, who won the 90cm junior competition
WINNER: Jessica McCarthy with Prada, who won the 90cm junior competition

THE Zetland Hunt branch of the Pony Club held its annual new year showjumping event at Richmond Equestrian Centre (REC), organised by Sarah Clark.

There were more than 130 entries for the unaffiliated showjumping, with classes from 30cm to 1m.

The event was open to all and was well attended with many additional entries taken on the day. The competition was staged indoors on a great surface with a well presented course.

Organised as a single phase competition, riders had to jump six fences and if clear (meaning that no faults were acquired) they progressed to a second half of six fences, which was timed. This meant the fastest, clear combination took the honours.

The smooth running of the day was aided by Donna Wood and her professional team at REC Arenas, with commentary and course design by Rennie Wood and young assistant Max Riley Fox.

Snacks and refreshments were available at the cafe while competition progressed, allowing competitors good viewing of the day’s events.

The Zetland Hunt Pony Club wishes to thank the great number of people involved in order to run the showjumping event. A large number of volunteers and parents helped to make the day a success.

Also, a special thank you to the showjumping class sponsors, local businesses who supported the Zetland Hunt Pony Club and donated generous prizes for each category awarded alongside rosettes made by Jeanette Crompton.


30cm sponsored by Chaplynns Country Store, Darlington

Lead rein: 1, William Nicholson with sparky; 2, Henry Gibbon with Tinkle; 3, Phoebe Armstrong with Owl; 4, Polly Welton with Sky.

Junior: 1, Alfie Clark with Mr Soxs; 2, Jemima Heron with Henry; 3, Hugo Oaks with Dundee; 4, Ella McGarth with Val.

40cm sponsored by Millbry Hill, Richmond

Lead rein: 1, Max Mullen with Woody; 2, Phoebe Gough with Silver.

Junior: 1, Grace Baker with Solo; 2, Amelia Dickinson with Wharfside Welsh Ruby; 3, Freddie Nicholson with Orla; 4, Freya Gibbon with Starlight.

60cm results sponsored by Richmond Equestrian Centre ( Turnbull Family)

1, Iris Collinson with Charlie; 2, Phoebe Ward with Dolly; 3, Grace Baker with Varley Mistique; 4, Polly Nicholson with Pingu.

70cm results sponsored by Star Cobblers, Barnard Castle

1, Ella Gibbon with Kitty; 2, Polly Nicholson with Pingu; 3, Phoebe Ward with Dolly; 4, Harriet Hodgson with Summerhouse Shadow.

80cm results sponsored by Mole Valley, Piercebridge

Juniors: 1, Polly Nicholson with Little Cracker; 2, Amelia Anscomb with Peanut; 3, Ella Gibbon with Kitty; 4, Morgan Monteith with Cally.

Seniors: 1, Heidi Stewart with Lush; 2, Sarah Bartlett with Sully; 3, Ayla Foster-Blenkinsop with Divine Image; 4, Sarah Bartlett with Frank.

90cm results sponsored by Peak Performance Physiotherapy

Juniors: 1, Jessica McCarthy with Prada; 2, Charlotte Hewick-Crawford with Paolo; 3, Anna Mould with Orta Vida; 4, Gretel Wood with Lily.

Seniors: 1, Charlie Flood with Red; 2, Ayla Forester-Blenkinsop with Frodo Baggins; 3, Charlie Flood with Sonic; 4, Zoe Burns with Bruce.

Open 1m results sponsored by Millbry Hill, Richmond

1, Abigail Pearse with Cally; 2, Libby Soley with Ralph; 3, Sarah Bartlett with Podgy P; 4, Charlie Flood with Red.