HARD AT WORK: Tree planting in Teesdale has continued despite the difficulties from  Covid-19
HARD AT WORK: Tree planting in Teesdale has continued despite the difficulties from Covid-19

A TREE planting group has branched out and planted more than 1,000 saplings despite severe limitations caused by the Covid-19 lockdown.
Trees for Teesdale expanded last year to include a new group in Barningham to join those already formed in Barnard Castle, Cotherstone, Mickleton and Gainford.
The group’s chairman, Geoff King, said some 48 volunteers dedicated 314 hours of their time to the groups’ projects which included planting 12 trees in individual cages, 47 trees in fenced enclosures and 947 trees in open stock-free areas.
He added that the addition of 995 hedge whips had created 162 metres of a new hedge and wildlife corridor.
Mr King said: “In spite of the restrictions we had a very successful planting season with no shortage of volunteers.
“As well as cages, we also erected 190m of fencing, some in circular enclosures, and some straight lengths to enclose various planting.
“We also secured funding for this and next season, thanks to a generous donation from Cllr James Rowlandson’s Durham County Council neighbourhood budget, for which we are very grateful.
“This has allowed us to buy tools for the new group, buy fencing and other protection for the trees, and buy trees and hedge whips.”
The group also received a donation of 950 trees along with canes and rabbit guards from the I Dig Trees charity.
Mr King said: “We have several sites identified to commence planting next
season, which we haven’t been able to work at this
winter due to Covid-19 restrictions, but as usual, work must continue through the summer, recruiting new volunteers, and searching for new sites to plant in for the future.”
Anyone who wants to get involved with the group, or who knows of sites that could do with tree planting can visit www.treesforteesdale.org.uk.