GREAT START: Jordan Bain and Jodie Camp show off some of the mushrooms at Barnard Castle Farmers’ Market
GREAT START: Jordan Bain and Jodie Camp show off some of the mushrooms at Barnard Castle Farmers’ Market

A DALE entrepreneur has launched a unique recycling project which uses waste saw dust to help grow mushrooms.
Jordan Bain, from Cockfield, set up Mycycling Mushrooms, in March, and unveiled the early results of his project at this month’s Barnard Castle Farmers’ Market, showing an impressive Lion's Mane mushroom along with others such as grey oysters.
He was also selling his mushroom grow-kits and answering the many questions posed by visitors to his stall.
Mr Bain said he had “no idea” what growing mushrooms involved when he came up with the idea, but once he had read up on the subject and studied videos on social media, he was hooked.
“I was working for my step-dad, who produces briquettes,” he explained.
“During the process, a lot of waste saw dust was created and I thought there must be something else you could do with it.
“I looked into mushrooms, did a good bit of research and started buying equipment.”
Mr Bain took delivery of a shipping container in which he grows and houses his produce.
“I mix the sawdust with the feed then put in the spawn and seal it up. It takes about a month or so to get some fruit.”
He said his new venture had created a lot of curiosity.
“I think people are a bit sceptical but I have had so many coming up and asking what it's all about,” he added.
If the mushroom growing venture takes off, Mr Bain already has plans for how he would develop his business.
He would like to work with experts at Sunderland University on a system of growing edible mushrooms using discarded plastic.
He said he would also like to grow mushrooms in the wild, using dowels in trees around Cockfield.
Having received positive comments to his venture, Mr Bain plans to be back at Barnard Castle Farmers’ Market in August with a bigger selection of mushrooms.
“We had a fantastic day at the market, had a really great response and can’t wait for the next one,” he said.
For more information about Mr Bain’s venture, search for Mycycling Mushrooms on Facebook.