SUCCESSFUL STEERING: Keith Metcalf with Bolam Danny won the driving championship
SUCCESSFUL STEERING: Keith Metcalf with Bolam Danny won the driving championship

STORM clouds loomed heavy on the horizon, but the rain held off competitors at the Dales Pony Society’s summer show at Streatlam Farm, near Barnard Castle.
Competitors from all over the country gathered for the show, the first since 2018.
Rene Bradley, show secretary, said: “It’s excellent to be back and everybody has said it is nice to see each other again here as it’s been three years.”
In 2019 the summer show was cancelled just a week before it was due to be staged due to an equine flu outbreak. Last year the Covid-19 pandemic put paid to the event.
She added: “Numbers are a bit low, but it’s going to take a little time to get back to normal and we hope that next year will see a return to great weather and lots of beautiful ponies as entries.”
The in-hand classes were hotly contested with many entries coming forward.
John Elliott Jnr won the supreme championship in hand championship with his 13-year-old mare, Stuffynwood Primrose.
The mare had a successful ridden career being a finalist at the Horse of the Year Show four times as well as the Royal International Show until retiring to breed her first foal. This year, shown with foal at foot, Dambuster Sweet Violet, was the winner in the foal class.
Taking the top spots in the Youngstock Championship was Carrock Fashion, owned by K Wilson and bred by Mr & Mrs Cockbain, with reserve going to Westwick Bobbie’s Boy owned by A Batey and bred by D & A Eccles.
Carrock Cherry Blossom, owned and bred by Mr and Mrs Cockbain, from Keswick, took the reserve spot.
Bolam Danny, owned and bred by Mr & Mrs JK & M Metcalf, performed well in the Private Driving class and went on to take the Driven Championship ahead of Richie and Freda Longstaff’s Lowhouses Rhianna.
Anna Metcalf won the supreme ridden champion with Castle Hill Crystal, bred by Claire Crow, having won all of her all classes. Ms Metcalf also took the traditional ridden championship.
The Ridden Championship, which included a canter, was won by Carrock Comet, owned by A Gotts, ridden by usual jockey Sarah Field and bred by Mr & Mrs Cockbain.
Ms Bradley added: “We’d like to thank all the judges, stewards and officials who sit in the background, working hard to make sure that we have a great showcase for our beloved breed.”
Youngstock championship was won by Carrock Fashion, with Westwick Bobbies Bob in reserve. Highest placed section A pony within 30 mile radius of Barnard Castle went to Lowhouses JR. Best female pony in section A was Stuffynwood Primrose.
Best movement in the ring A, Stuffynwood Primrose. Gelding championship was won by Essiecroft Jubilee George.
Overall in hand championship was won by Stuffynwood Primrose, with Carrock Cherry Blossom in reserve. Best ridden gelding went to Essiecroft Jubilee George. Best ridden mare winner was Castle Hill Crystal. Best section pony cup, Hollingside Bracken. Bolam Danny won the driving championship.
Brood mare, section a, 4-6 years, with foal at foot: 1, Carrock Bonny Lass, Mr and Mrs J Cockbain, exhibited by A Cockbain; 2, Bolam Lizzie, JK and M Metcalf.
Brood mare 7 years and over, with foal at food: 1, Stuffynwood Primrose, John Elliott Jnr; 2, Castle Hill Rose II, C Crow; 3, Waterside Holly, H Robinson.
Colt foal, any section: 1, Pennybrook Duke, H Robinson. Filly foal, any section: 1, Dambuster Wild Violet, John Elliott Jnr; 2, Bolam Rainbow, JK and M Metcalf; 3, Castle Hill Amber Queen, C Crow.
­Yearling colt: 1, Ridgelane Raven, Theo Hopkins.
Yearling filly: 1, Carrock Fashion, K Wilson; 2, Morlandsdale Misty II, AW Morland; 3, Grassgill Holly, R Balmer.
Filly, three years: 1, Pennybrook Possible Diva, H Robinson; 2, Bleathgill Clementine, R Balmer; 3, Lowhouses Lisa, Richie and Freda Longstaff.
Colt, two years: 1, Westwick Tweed, L Thompson.
Filly, two years: 1, Bolam Mindy, Keith Metcalf; 2, Castle Hill Lady in Red, L Thompson; 3, Tarbarl Magic Cloud, J Jameson.
Fancy Dress: 1, Thornville Rosina, A Thompson.
Stallion 3 years and over: 1, Lowhouses JR, R Walker; 2, Westwick Bobbies Boy, A Batey; 3, Whitworth Jock, K McCormick.
Mare 4-6 years: 1, Carrock Cherry Blossom, Mr and Mrs J Cockbain; 2, Grassgill Swallow, AE Balmer; 3, Lowhouses Piuppa, Richie and Freda Longstaff.
Mare, 7 years and over: 1, Thornville Rosina, A Thompson; 2, Lowhouses Rihanna, Richie and Freda Longstaff; 3, Essiecroft Patsy, Mr and Mrs M Snowden.
Gelding 2 or 3 years: 1, Essiecroft Arthur, E Lowden.
Section B filly 1, 2 or 3 years: 1, Caphouse Rachel, L Swales.
Gelding 4-6 years: 1, Stonechester Apollo, J Ownes; 2, Nipna Napoleon, L Pennell.
Gelding, any section, 7 years and over: 1, Essiecroft Jubilee George, Mr and Mrs M Snowden; 2, Highcroft Flynne, G. Snowden; 3, Bolan Danny, JK and M Metcalf.
Section B mare, 4 years and over: 1, Hollingside Bracken, L Ferguson; 2, Highclose Maytime Melody, G Challenor.
Veteran pony, 15 years and over: 1, Sparket Classy Girl, FJM Jones; 2, Hollingside Bracken, L Ferguson.
Young handler, 11 years and under: 1, Castle Hill Rose II, LM Crow; 2, Thornville Rosina, A Thompson.
Young handler 12-17 years: 1, Bleathgill Clementine, R Balmer.
Young rider, 12-17 years: 1, Carrock Beauty, A Cockbain.
The BSPS Le Mieux Heritage Ridden Champion: 1, Castle Hill Crystal, A Metcalf.
Junior ridden mare 4-6 years: 1, Carrock Beauty, K Wilson; 2, Grassgill Swallow, AE Balmer.
Senior ridden mares, 7 years and over: 1, Castle Hill Crystal, A Metcalf; 2, Thornville Pearl, K Paskins.
Private Driving: 1, Bolam Danny, JK and M Metcalf.
Exercise Vehicle: 1, Lowhouses Rhianna, Richie and Freda Longstaff.
Ridden geldings, 4-6 years: 1, Stonechester Apollo, J Owens.
Ridden gelding, 7 years and over: 1, Essiecroft Jubilee George, L Jones; 2, Thornville Ben, H Thompson; 3, Tudor Raven, C Lambert.
Novice ridden pony: 1, Carrock Comet, S Field; 2, Thornville Ben, H Thompson; 3, Essiecroft Jubilee George, L Jones.
Open Ridden pony: 1, Castle Hill Crystal, A Metcalf; 2, Thornville Pearl, K Paskins; 3, Essiecroft Jubilee George, L Jones.