TRACTOR TITLES: George Atkinson of Appleby won the vintage tractor post-1955 category before going on to take the champion vintage tractor title with his self-restored Ferguson 165
TRACTOR TITLES: George Atkinson of Appleby won the vintage tractor post-1955 category before going on to take the champion vintage tractor title with his self-restored Ferguson 165

BLUE skies and blistering sunshine brought out the crowds for the 144th Eggleston Show at Hayberries Farm, Mickleton on Saturday and visitors were treated to a spectacular event.

Show president Geoffrey Wilson said although the entry was slightly down in the cattle, the quality was exceptional in both the cattle and sheep classes.

Taking overall supreme best in show title was Annie Stones, from Swaledale, with a Texel sheep.

In the cattle section, overall cattle champion title went to Joanne and Mick Souter from Barnard Castle with their beef shorthorn cow Ashwater Grace.

In the horse section, it was a day of celebration for Mickleton-based Richie Longstaff, who won overall horse champion with his Dales pony, Lowhouses Rhianna.

The four-year-old mare, which was hand reared after its mother died when it was two weeks old, also picked up the Emmerson Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup and was named supreme champion in the driving classes.

Boldron’s Penny Wilson made it two shows in a row, picking up the trophy for best dog in show with her working collie, Mist.

Show secretary Alan Gent was delighted with the turnout from both competitors and visitors and joked his email got the the right address when ordering the weather.


CattleTrophyChampionship Awarded toReserve
Championship Points Cup (cattle classes) Langleydale and Marwood Rose Bowl
Best Local BeefP Hobson Perpetual Memorial TrophyA Bentham
calfCarrs TrophyE Clark
Best Purebred Champion (excluding highland)EAS Silver Challenge CupJH Craggs or A Bentham
Best SimmentalNorth East Simmental Club Trophy
Best Cross BredIsaac Allinson Challenge TrophyJH Craggs
Best Beef shorthornNothern Dairy Shorthorn Society CupMR & JE Souter
Highland ChampionHigh Dales Meat Co Perpetual Trophy, Chatsworth Windows CupP & EB Robson
Overall Cattle championshipTipton and Morley Silver Rose BowlMR & JE Souter
Best Beef Cross PairBOCM Pauls TankardJH Craggs
Supreme Overall Sheep ChampionLive-Wire Fencing Perpetual Challenge TrophyA StonesF Johnson
Overall District ChampionEggleston Agricultural Society Perpetual Trophy for the Best Registered Blue Faced Leicester SheepF JohnsonJack Wilkinson
District ChampionDerek Peart Memorial TrophyF JohnsonG & L Wood & Son
Pen of 5 mule gimmer lambsSir William Gray TrophyI and R A Watson
District Champion CrossingBlue Faced LeicesterWatson BrosWatson Bros
Registered Blue Faced Leicesters and Crossing Type LambsT.F. Dent Perpetual Silver Points TrophyWatson BrosM Walton
Swaledale championR F Iceton Perpetual Challenge CupS Bentley & DJ MallonF Allinson & Son
Most points- SwaledaleWalter Dalton Trophy
Exhibitor, most pointsP B Kent Trophy
District Swaledale ChampionG & L Addison Perpetual TrophyS Bentley & DJ MallonF Allinson & Son
Small Breeder ChampionJohn Denham Silver TrophyTW HutchinsonTW Hutchinson
Best Group of 3 Native BreedsBarnard Castle Teeswater TrophyA BalmerA Stones
Overall Native Breeds ChampionHigh Dales Meat Co TrophyR Grice
Champion SuffolkBarnard Castle & Teesdale Auction Mart TrophyR GriceMessrs Teward
Best Texel, DistrictJohn Lamb Memorial TrophyMiss A StonesRA & JH Couthard
Champion Local TexelWrentnall Texel Perpetual TrophyRA & JH Couthard
Best Overall Pure BredE A S Perpetual TrophyB CowtonJ & A Stevenson
Best CharollaisGordon Forster Trophy
Overall Best Short Wooled Sheep ChampionH L Forster Challenge TrophyA StonesR Grice
Best ZwartblesAtkinson TrophyO Breeze
Best Young Handler aged 10 and underRoyal Agricultural Benevolent Institute TrophyG Hird
Best Young Handler aged 11 to 16W T Robinson TrophyJ Richardson
Best Wensleydale Lady Gray Trophy
Highest Placed Teesdale Branch MemberN E M S A Trophy
Swaledale gimmer lambsNorman Field TrophyF Allinson & Son
Overall Mule ChampionI & RA Watson
Best sheepdogTeesdale Mercury CupP Wilson
Best gun dogPeter and Gladys Stubbs TrophyF Archer
Best pet dogG & JI Lawson TrophyC Taylor
Dry stone walling J W Nicholson Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup
Overall ChampionJ W Hall Memorial Trophy
Dales Brood Mare with Foal at FootNorthern Dairies Shorthorn TrophyJKM Metcalfe, Bolam Midnight Lady
A1 Registered Dales Ponies Championship Emmerson Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup and Dales Pony Society RosetteR Longstaff, Lowhouses RhiannaJ & T Cockbain, Carrock Beauty
Dales Young Stock ChampionR & F Longstaff TrophyJ & T Cockbain, Carrock BeautyJKM Metcalfe, Bolam Moonlight
Fell Ponies- brood mare with foal at footG R Coatsworth Memorial TrophyJ Cockbain, Carrock Elsa
Fell Ponies- colt or filly foalMrs N Earnshaw TrophyJ Cockbain, Carrock Night King
Fell pony Young stockFell Pony Breeders Association Gold Shield Rosette in Memory of Barry Smith239
Fell Pony RiddenFell Pony Society Rosette236
Fell Pony Gelding or mare, 3 yo or overH Hirest Perpetual Trophy237
Champion Fell PonyDarlington and Stockton Times TrophyJ Cockbain, Carrock Night King
Registered Shetland Ponies, Best FoalClaredale Shetlands TrophyIM Walker, Parliament Tabitha
Registered Shetland Ponies, Youngest RiderKiora TrophyIM Walker, Parliament Tabitha
Registered Shetland Ponies miniature stallion under 34"G D Robson Memorial TrophyIM Walker, Bleach Green TarquenS Broadhead, Jasper, S Catch
Shetland Ponies: Best MiniatureKiora Plate
Shetland Ponies ChampionMrs E Passmore Silver Challenge CupBarugh Family, Birchmoor Simone
Best Colt, gelding or filly hunterMary Bowron TrophyC Robertson, Arctic Foxy, C Robertson
Hunters ChampionJos Allinson TrophyC Robertson, Arctic Foxy, C RobertsonE Butterworth, Western Harry
Mountain and Moorland In Hand Championship Mitchell Perpetual TrophyA Collin, Wrentnall Avicii
Mountain & Moorland Ridden Championship H38- H40E A S TrophyE Butterworth, Western Harry, E Butterworth
Skewbald & Piebald Native Trophy Championship H41, H42Tees Valley Beagle TrophyJ Cameron, Peter PanJ Cameron, Peter Pan
A9 Mountain & Moorland best placedPeter and Gladys Stubbs TrophyJ Cameron, Peter Pan
Skewbald & Piebald Ridden Championship H47 and H48J & H Meynell TrophyL Matthews, Carlton Lima Buttons, L Crisp
Skewbald & Piebald Overall BSPA ChampionAlan Merrigan Memorial TrophyL Matthews, Carlton Lima Buttons, L Crisp
Appaloosa ChampionJ W Nicholson Silver Challenge Trophy
Driving ChampionLady Gray Silver Rose Bowl
Children's Riding ChampionShirley Dowson Silver Challenge Trophy
Child's First Pony ChampionJ D Dowson Memorial TrophyA Hird, Cracker, A Hird
Best rider Championship H63- H65Sir William Gray Trophyno entries
Local Rider Championship H66, H67Headlam Hall Trophyno entries
Donkey championE A S Perpetual Plaque Dukesfield Crystal118J & L Rae, SP Miss Daisy Bouquet
Best Male DonkeyEggleston Show 2019118
WALKING STICKS: Best dressed walking stickJ A Kidd Memorial Trophy
Fruit and Veg
Most Points in Veg ClassesMr & Mrs A Gent Perpetual Points ShieldM Hedley
Best Collection of VegEggleston Agricultural Show ShieldM Hedley
Best vase of pom pom dahliasSyd Forster Memorial TrophyG S Hodgson
Best intermediate ChrysanthemumWoodland Show Trophy
Flowers championGarden News Championship ShieldM Hedley
Most points in floral classesThe Allanvale TrophyS Cambage
Best Exhibit in Floral ClassHope and Win Chapman SalverS Cambage
Best bird in showJW Parkin Memorial TrophyJ Rodgers
Best large hard featherET Stoddart Perpetual Memorial TrophyE Parkin
Best reserve large hard featherWR Jewitt TankardE Parkin
Best soft featherNorman Cowley Perpetual Memorial TrophyD & C Ash
Best OEG BantamHeslop and Walling Perpetual TrophyJ Rodgers
Best OE Pheasant FowlJ Waltham PlaqueI & L Allonby
Best Hard feather bantam maleWR Jewitt PlaqueR Forrester
best rare breedA & K Orton TrophyC Collin
best duck or drakeBendholm TrophyT Moody
best goose and ganderEvans TrophyT Moody
Best juvenile soft featherA Dodds TrophyW Moon
Best Juvenile Hard FeatherPoultry Juvenile TrophyG Tilney
Best Juvenile True BantamBest Juvenile True BantamG Tilney
Best True BantamBest True BantamA & N Thornton
Best juvenile drake or duckK & B Smith TrophyL Horrocks
Best Eggs (poultry) C Booth
Cakes, Bread and Pastries
Most points in bread & pastries and Cakes and BiscuitsMrs Field Perpetual TrophyD ProudA Layland
Best Novelty Iced cakeGant TrophyDr S Cooksey
Most points in cakes and biscuitsMarwood and Langleydale WI TrophyE Beach
Most points Bread and pastryMavis Collinson Memorial TrophyA Jackson
PreservesEggleston WI TrophyDr L Thompson
Men only cakeJohn Hastings Dent Memorial TrophyJ Stones
L34 TO L44 CLASSESI T Beadle Perpetual TrophyW Robinson
BestHand KnittingC Wilson Perpetual Memorial TrophyW Lyons
Best WI ExhibitGlaxo SmithKline ShieldNewbiggin WI
Children's Points JA Common Perpetual Points ShieldD Watson
Most points: Eggleston ParishJubilee Perpetual Silver Challenge CupB Lovatt
Chldren's 12, 13, 14 yrs oldNewbiggin WI TrophyB Lovatt
Classes 15, 16 yrsLouise Underwood TrophyD Watson
Photography WinnerS Dempster and T Knight Perpetual TrophyE Beach
Best Art ExhibitEggleston WI CupJ Campin
Trade Stands
Best AgriculturalHigh Force and Holwick TrophySam Turner and Sons
non agriculturalChambers and Fargus TrophyJ R Interiors
RacingE & P Hammond Trophy
Vintage Tractor ChampionLloyds Agriculture Championship TrophyG Atkinson
Best Stick in ShowJ A Kidd Memorial CupD Gardner

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