VITAL HELP: Some of the donations given to Wetheriggs
VITAL HELP: Some of the donations given to Wetheriggs

WETHERIGGS Animal Rescue Centre is planning a massive open day when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted to thank people for their overwhelming support.
Teesdale Action Partnership (TAP) is the latest to help the Greta Bridge shelter get through the pandemic with a grant of £2,580. Centre operator Terry Bowes said the cash would help pay for veterinary bills and specialist animal food such as live insects.
He added that as well as the TAP grant, the public’s reaction to centre’s struggle to survive had been “humbling”.
Mr Bowes said: “It has been absolutely unbelieveable. We had Millbry Hill, the animal feed people from Richmond, contact us to say a customer of theirs who is a supporter of ours had come in and paid for £1,500 of animal food.
“They said they had a few bags that were going out of date and they would also donate some bags.
“In total, it was about £3,000 of animal food.
“It has been amazing from start to finish – we’ve had farmers’ wives coming with in food and a little old lady sending an envelope with a fiver in it.”
People have also shown their support by volunteering their time to help muck out and keep the animals fed, which has been particularly valuable since Mr Bowes has been laid up with a back injury. Now the centre plans to show its appreciation for the support as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted. Mr Bowes said: “We are going to have a bumper open day with a lot of animal handling just to say thank you to everyone who has supported us.”
He thanked Teesdale Mercury readers in particular who had responded to an article which highlighted the centre’s struggles to continue.
The cash from TAP is part of a £100,000 pot provided by Durham County Council to help groups and organisations in Teesdale cope and provide support through the coronavirus pandemic.
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