Ian Lamming enjoys the performance in the latest BMW X5
Ian Lamming enjoys the performance in the latest BMW X5

THE curtain falls for the final time ending a tough period of commuting.

Late night rehearsals, five performances and a school-to-home commute running into hundreds of miles. We all have to suffer a little bit for the boy’s art.

It’s times like these you need a decent car for driver and passengers alike and the BMW X5 proves to be just the ticket.

With a price tag close to 100K, when you add on the cost of accessories, it fits in nicely in the school car park; it’s a car you can leave and glance back at it with pride.

The kidney-shaped grille tells you the make as quickly as the roundel on the bonnet and the size and overall shape shouts X5. It has been around a good while but this is the latest variant and this big German SUV has certainly stood the test of time.

This is the BMW G05 X5 xDrive50e M Sport LCI – phew, quite a mouthful. It’s an X5 SUV that comes complete with a turbo charged 3.0 inline six cylinder petrol and a plug-in electric motor. That’s a combo that offers close to 500HP and blistering performance, but crazily low fuel consumption if you keep the EV-side topped up from the mains, otherwise expect around 30mpg.

After the last 10.30 p.m. finish it’s time to take a friend home 65 miles away. Chatting enthusiastically about the Spamalot performance, and leaving the driving virtually to the BMW, the journey flies by in the blink of an eye. The opulent interior makes X5 a veritable lounge in which to relax while the BMW mechanicals take care of the rest.

The same motor that snarls under acceleration purrs while cruising and the sharp chassis and air suspension are also supremely comfortable to cosset all concerned and keep them safe with a host of safety features and all-wheel-drive. Add in exemplary ergonomics and the opulence of a fine Germanic interior and the X5 becomes a pleasure to be in on the long drive home.

Signature arrow shaped running lights catch your attention during the day while the LED headlamps offer stunning degrees of illumination at night, which makes driving in the dark much less strenuous.

The interior is a masterpiece of design, all hi-tech and gorgeous, with a long, vibrant, curved digital display. It is easy to navigate and intuitive with the odd switch still present for primary functions, like screen demist, and even a knob for the radio volume.

The transmission tunnel is especially neat and uncluttered. The drive button is cut crystal glass. It shares a panel with eco, comfort and sport mode buttons. Then there’s the iDrive dial and buttons for navigation, map, home and media. You are going to love that last one as you get your favourite sounds belting through the excellent Bower and Wilkins surround sound system, as the light pours in through the panoramic glass sunroof.

There’s every luxury imaginable in the X5, even including heated and cooled drinks holders and massage seats, it really does want for nothing.

X5 boasts quality and road presence galore. It is specified to the hilt and remains an excellent driver’s car with a strong engine, great economy and a fine chassis.

While the BMW SUV has been on the automotive stage for as long as I can remember, the latest production should be getting rave reviews because it is most definitely a bit of a showstopper.

Fact File

BMW G05 X5 xDrive50e M Sport LCI

Motors: Petrol plug-in hybrid

Power: 489HP, 700Nm torque

0-62mph: 4.8 secs

Top speed: 155mph

MPG: 30-60

EV range: 67 miles

Transmission: eight speed automatic

CO2 g/km: 20

Price: £98,904.98