STILL WORKING: Joiner Richard Green is managing to adapt his environment to keep working
STILL WORKING: Joiner Richard Green is managing to adapt his environment to keep working

IT’S a month since the UK was put on lockdown in an unprecedented move amid the growing threat of coronavirus.
Residents were told police had the powers to fine people if they were to leave their homes for any reason other than shopping for basic necessities, one form of exercise a day, a medical need or to provide care to a vulnerable person and to travel to and from work, if it was not possible to work from home.
Adapting and understanding what can and can’t be done has been difficult for many business and trades people across the dale, despite financial packages offered by the Government.
Some business owners in Teesdale have managed to continue working, adhering to the government guidelines, including joiner Richard Green, from Cotherstone.
He said: “I’m still managing to work by myself. I think you have to look on the positive side – the local support has been phenomenal.
“Initially when restrictions first came into place, I was very wary about what was deemed to be a safe working environment.
“Being a joiner I would ordinarily work with others on a site, albeit all on a self-employed basis. However, after renegotiating work, to allow me to continue on my own and forward planning material delivery all seems good for now.”
Mr Green, who runs R J Green Building Contractors, said he been able to continue working singlehandedly stripping a roof at an unoccupied property in Cotherstone.
He added: “It’s adhering to the social distancing rules and as I’m working by myself it’s harder and it’s taking longer, but I’ve been like the eye in the sky over the village, watching what’s going on.”
Like many small limited companies, Mr Green’s does not qualify for any governmental assistance at present as he has no premises.
He added: “Before all this kicked off I was getting quite stressed about the amount of work I had on, now it’s about trying to keep the mouths fed at home.
“It would be nice to gain an insight into any help which maybe available for small limited companies, as currently I understand there is no financial support. But we are all in this together, and it is the unknown for all.”