A BARNARD Castle woman who lost more than two stone in six months is to lead the slimming session that helped her lose weight.

Paula Rusling joined Slimming World in November last year never dreaming she would one day take charge of a weekly session herself.

She took the reins of the Tuesday morning sessions at St Mary’s Parish Hall for the first time this week.

She said: “I am very excited. It has been quite stressful because there has been so much to take in during training. But I have been in the class for the past three weeks so I have got to know the people. They really are wonderful.”

Despite running her own sessions, she will remain a member of the session she has been with since starting last year. Of her own experience with Slimming World, she said: “It has been fantastic. It just clicked when I first walked in.”

During sessions each member is weighed after which they sit in a group and talk about each member’s experiences during the past week.

Ms Rusling said: “We never divulge weight. It is all encouragement and everything is confidential.”

She explained that members are taught an eating plan which includes “free” and “syns” foods.

Ms Rusling said: “Free food you can literally eat all day, but there is a limit to how much syns you can eat. It is a new relationship with food”

Food such as cake is classed as “syns”.

Members are also encouraged to take part in “body magic” which simply means doing a little more exercise, with bronze, silver and gold certificates awarded for activity.

Ms Rusling said: “As little as five minutes a day can earn a bronze. It is all about doing what you are able to. It is all about being easy.”

For more information contact Ms Rusling on 07906 847829.