BACK IN BUSINESS: Karen Bainbridge at the Cutting Cabin
BACK IN BUSINESS: Karen Bainbridge at the Cutting Cabin

A BARNARD Castle barber is back cutting gents’ hair after transforming the way she runs her business.
Karen Bainbridge has operated the Cutting Cabin, in Star Yard, for the past 11 years.
However, its future was put in doubt when the business closed during the lockdown.
Before the Covid-19 alert, the cabin was a traditional walk-in barber shop with room for up to four people waiting and one client in the chair. The small size of the barber shop, combined with social distancing requirements, has made that impossible. So, for the first time, hair cuts are by appointment only on a one-in, one-out basis.
Prior to reopening on September 1, Ms Bainbridge had put her number in the window and asked clients to book in advance.
“There was a time when I did consider not reopening but thought I would try appointments only for over-18s and see how it went,” she said.
“People have been happy to ring up for an appointment – or get one of their relatives to.
“My main worry was that people wouldn’t turn up on time, but the first day ran really smoothly.”
Having not cut anyone’s hair for almost six months, Ms Bainbridge admitted to a few butterflies when her first customer came in.
“I was actually shaking,” she said. But after taking the decision to reorganise how she does business, she said she was glad to be back.
“I got loads of jobs done around the house, but I am glad to be back and glad to have found a way to get the business going again. You can only give it a try.”
The Cutting Cabin is open Tuesdays to Fridays, 8.45am to 4.30pm. Call 07308 475841 for details.