Moving home has never been easier
Moving home has never been easier

By John Ellwood

SPEED is very much the talking point in conveyancing transactions and Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors, a leading UK law firm, explain why this was key in introducing remote systems.

“Clients no longer wish to take time out of their busy working lives to come to a solicitor’s office.”

Those are the words of Tilly Bailey & Irvine Partner and Solicitor, John Ellwood, now also heading the law firm’s Conveyancing department in Hartlepool.

The need to be able to complete matters remotely rather than face-to-face has recently been compounded by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

TBI was recently top of the national rankings for its speed in getting conveyancing matters completed. Not only that, but it backs up this by enjoying the shortest average number of days to exchange, six less than its nearest rival.

Modern, remote working

The secret is closer to home than you would expect.

The arduous process can be a long, drawn-out affair for many a new property buyer or seller, and one that is often touted as ‘stressful’ for a rookie.

Exchanging paper documents and information can be the time waster. Meeting up in between a busy life, juggling work and timing face-to-face meetings can delay the process to a point of frustration, which is why a remote, paperless system is becoming the key strength of the Teesside-based TBI conveyancing team.

“This has been due to a move towards an electronically-focused service that makes the process faster and remote, and ultimately more convenient all round”, says Ellwood.

“This system enables all parties to be kept up to date and fully involved in their conveyancing transactions. We constantly look to improve our operating systems and are committed to training all of our staff and apprentices in the latest conveyancing practices to ensure we provide an efficient and high-quality service.”

Just how quick are we talking?

On occasions, the conveyancers at TBI have taken up to 60 referrals and completions in a single day, while one of these took a mere 24 hours to complete.

It is very rare that you see delay when electronic processes allow for these tasks to be completed anywhere, and at any time, and that is the modern move that TBI have put in place.

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