ALL CHANGE: Sarah Kipling and Rick Marshall, who run By The Weigh
ALL CHANGE: Sarah Kipling and Rick Marshall, who run By The Weigh

A BUSINESS offering sustainable alternatives to everyday items has moved from the Barnard Castle high street to the town's weekly market.
Sarah Kipling and Rick Marshall, opened By The Weigh, in Horsemarket, in November 2019.
The couple operated throughout the lockdowns and offered a delivery service to customers.
They decided to give up the shop so they could work more flexibly – and plan to develop both their online service and doorstep delivery and refill scheme while maintaining contact with customers at the Wednesday market. The overheads involved in running the shop were another factor in making the move.
Ms Kipling said: “Running an independent business, we have to think about overheads, particularly when we are doing something that is a bit more progressive.
“At the core of our business is sustainability and that includes us. The market works really well and give us that flexibility.”
Ms Kipling and Mr Marshall said they had enjoyed running the shop, which had given them a “real insight” into the type of goods people wanted.
“We operated during unusual circumstances but made some good friends in the community,” said Mr Marshall.
The couple specialise in sourcing everyday goods, ranging from pasta and coffee to household goods and hygiene and beauty products, from sustainable sources.
“We try to offer an alternative to what you get in a plastic bottle or container,” he added.
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