TV APPEARANCE: Dave Stanard outside the shop
TV APPEARANCE: Dave Stanard outside the shop

BARNARD Castle has reinforced its reputation as a go-to place for antiques after another appearance on TV.

The town’s antiques quarter on The Bank featured in the BBC’s latest afternoon antiques television programme, Flipping Profit.

Each episode sees an antiques expert pit their skills against other professionals to see who can make the most profit from the items they buy.

Mission Hall Antiques Centre appeared on the programme’s third episode and saw Scottish market trader Gary Barton haggle with Dave Stannard, of the centre, for a set of art deco fruit bowls. He was up against fine art dealer Gavin Claxton and aeronautical engineer and part-time upcycler Stu Abbott.

Mr Barton went on to sell the dishes for £15 at Glasgow’s famous Barras market, making a £5 profit. The episode was first aired on April 18 on BBC1. Mr Barton was due to visit a hoarder to rummage for items, but turned to Mission Hall Antiques Centre after the appointment was cancelled.

The centre has been a regular feature on antiques shows having appeared on Celebrity Road Trip, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and Bargain Hunt.


Mr Stannard said: “They come fairly often. They like it in here because it is light and airy, and they have a lot of space.”

He added that while filming usually takes two to three hours to complete, the latest was done within an hour. Mr Stannard said: “Everyone who comes in says it must be set up, but with Celebrity Road trip every deal is on camera.”

There are benefits to appearing on television too – a couple arrived at the centre a day after the episode was aired to buy a painting they had seen in the background.

Barnard Castle has already earned a reputation in the antiques world, helped by TV star David Harper who had a shop in town.

Mr Stanard said antique programmes are an ideal way of promoting the town and attracting visitors and buyers.

He said: “Bring it on, next I’ll be getting my Equity card.”