DISNEY TWIST: David Flipping and daughter Briar
DISNEY TWIST: David Flipping and daughter Briar

A FATHER and daughter with a love for antiques and collectibles are to launch their joint business venture, including a range of Disney memorabilia.
Dave Flipping and daughter Briar moved from Kent to County Durham last year. As well as renovating their home during lockdowns, they have found a new base for their business, called Unit 10, at Stainton Grove Industrial Estate. Selling antiques, vintage and collectibles is nothing new for Mr Flipping, who says he got started aged 15. They will mainly be selling items online. He added: “If you told me last year, I would be going mainly online I wouldn’t have believed you, but it’s because of the past 12 months. With Briar’s technical help, she will keep us right.”
The building, owned by local antiques expert David Harper, will have a showroom to the front, where the duo will film and photograph all their finds. At the rear will be a restoration workshop.
Mr Flipping said: “When I moved up this time last year the plan was to do up the house while I was living in a hotel. I ripped the place apart in readiness but then lockdown happened. Hotels were only for essential workers, so I had to move into the building site and then Briar arrived from France.”
Ms Flipping, who had been working as a chef in the south of France, added: “We were told we had to leave within 48 hours otherwise we would be stuck. The company I worked for were really great – they told us we could take the vans and we drove solidly for 16 hours to get back.
Mr Flipping added: “We will be buying and selling all kinds of things, not just antiques.
“I tend to spot things and it can be anything from 18th century French furniture, through to signage as well as modern things up to the eighties.”
There’s an eclectic mix at the new base including cast iron fire dogs, French furniture, artwork, signage, Danish mid-century modern coffee tables, Victorian style plant stands as well as memorabilia from iconic cartoon and film company Disney.
Ms Flipping added: “I’ve been going to fairs and boot sales with my dad since before I could walk and I guess we’re both collectors, I just wanted to pick something for me, and I chose Disney. It started with pin badges and if I spot them at car boots sales or fairs, I always pick them up.
“I generally buy and sell anything and everything Disney. I’ll be upcycling furniture using decoupage and casting items into resin.”
The 24-year-old said she is also hoping to start up a decluttering service when Covid-19 restrictions ease a little more. The pair are planning on having the showroom ready to launch by the beginning of May, though have already set up a social media page for the business at https://bit.ly/3rgcIeu