MAKING MUSIC: Liam Samson has been working on material for a new solo album during lockdown
MAKING MUSIC: Liam Samson has been working on material for a new solo album during lockdown

During lockdown, Indie-inspired musician Liam Samson, from Barnard Castle, has been working on material for a new solo album, based on a night out in Barnard Castle. The 20-year-old bass-player was also in the process of recording an EP with his band Metis, made up of artists from County Durham, however lockdown put a halt to this.

How did you get into music and what instruments can you play?
I got into music because my older brother plays the drums, although I am not that great at the drums. About the age of 15, I got into playing the guitar. I am self-taught but I learnt a lot from my good friend Martin White, who is also a local musician.
I learnt a lot when I studied music at Bishop Auckland college. I play rhythm guitar but primarily play bass in my band, Metis, which is made up of musicians from around County Durham.

What inspires your music and which other artists have influenced your music?
I do write my own songs and a lot of the influence comes from Indie bands such as Artic Monkeys, Oasis, The La’s and Jamie T. But I also have influences such as Status Quo, Bruce Springsteen and all the 80s bands my mam listened to when I was younger.

What are your favourite music genres?
My favourite genres are 90s and early 00s indie rock. But I do have a few guilty pleasures like Abba and The Venga Boys.

The dale has a wealth of musical talent, what do you attribute this to?
I think in the local area we are really lucky because we have the TCR Hub, which helps young musicans form bands or solo performers to work on their musical ability.
My first gig was at The Hub playing as a support act. We were heavily encouraged by Andrew Yeadon to put ourselves out there.
In Teesdale we also have a lot of open mic nights, which are very accommodating to both new and experienced musicians.
Also, I took part, along with many other musicians, in the Covid Cutz Barney online Meet, which involved lots of local musicians.
The talent on display was unreal.

When and where was your favourite performance?
In one of my old bands I played the Sports Bar, in Bishop Auckland. It was a charity night and me and the other guys in the band pushed everyone we knew at college to come to the gig. It was absolutely packed to the point where people were almost standing on the stage.
As an 18-year-old lad with barely any gigging experience at the time, seeing the audience singing songs back to you was an experience I will never forget.

Do you have a special place where you write music?
There are two places that spring to mind. One is my friend Martin’s back room. The other, as stupid as it may seem, is the bathroom. Everything just sounds better in the bathroom for some reason.

How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?
I’ve been writing material for my new solo album. The idea for the album is based on a night out in Barnard Castle.
It’s going to be quite different to my first album, Walls, as this one is more electric and full-band based whereas Walls was acoustic focussed.

Where can people hear your music?
I have a YouTube channel where I upload my music, but I haven’t uploaded any videos or music lately as I am trying to write this solo album.
Once it is complete I’ll be uploading it there.