PUBLISHED AT LAST: Susan Fielden’s labour of love took 21 years to complete
PUBLISHED AT LAST: Susan Fielden’s labour of love took 21 years to complete

A FORMER bookshop owner has published her own fantasy novel using a futuristic vision of Teesdale as the backdrop.
Susan Fielden moved to Middleton-in-Teesdale in the late 1990s with her husband, David.
For a number of years, she owned and ran the Village Bookshop, in Market Place, and was kept busy with a constant stream of customers.
It was during an enforced quiet period at the shop, 21 years ago, that she came up with the premise of her science fiction novel, When the Sneaksouls Came.
She said: “The idea for my story started when foot and mouth struck upper Teesdale.
“We had very few customers due to the tourists having to stay away. To keep myself occupied, I decided to write a story.
“Being a fan of fantasy and science fiction, I began imagining how Teesdale would be 1,000 years from now, if the world had been overcome by a pandemic.”
The story slowly evolved and after many years the 500-page novel is finally in print, available to purchase on Amazon.
The book is set in Teesdale, a millennium from now when it is known as Brightdale and is home to the Delphins.
The evil Sneaksouls, commanded by the demon Queen Maabella, look to steal a jewelled cross with healing powers.
Mrs Fielden, who is now retired and lives in Blyth, Northumberland, added: “I found running the shop, with the help of some wonderful part-time workers, almost a full-time occupation.
“I was also helping my husband with our main business travelling the UK putting on educational book displays at conferences and exhibitions.”
She added: “This of course left me little time to write, which is why it has taken me so long to complete my tome.”
Mrs Fielden is continuing to write and has already started work on a sequel to her novel as well as researching for a book on the life of Saint Paul.