The Sorcerers Apprentice cast at Northern Stage credit Pamela Raith Photography
The Sorcerers Apprentice cast at Northern Stage credit Pamela Raith Photography

UNFORTUNATELY, Northern Stage have had to cancel some performances due to cases of COVID-19 in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice company.

Cancelling shows is a last resort but keeping everyone safe is their top priority. Performances will be cancelled from Wednesday 15 December until Tuesday 28 December.

Tickets are still available for 8 performances from 28 - 31 December and for those who would prefer to watch online, there’s the Northern Stage at Home option so audiences can still enjoy some Christmas magic this year.

Review of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

It’s always fantastic when a Christmas show comes along, as this makes a change to the usual pantos. The Northern Stage have a strong tradition of creating amazing Christmas shows and this year is no different.

I was completely engrossed after the first few minutes as an ancient magical force was at work. I couldn’t believe it when the interval arrived, I hadn’t noticed the time at all.

Hatty Rabbit, Beth Crame is the 13th child, born on Christmas Day. The story begins with Hatty at 13, before the story of her life is recounted, before returning to her at 13. Alice Blundell brilliantly plays a number of parts including Hatty’s Mam, who dies after having the 13 children. Hatty ends up living with Aunt Primula Fudge, Heather Dutton, who is perfectly over the top. After sending Hatty away to school, where Alice Blundell reappears as the school teacher. Hatty becomes best friends with Evie Speak, Talia Nyathi. When she is 12 she receives a letter to invite her as an apprentice to the Sorcerer Hopkin Hopkins. Where the magic continues and she finds out all about her powers.

The villain in the story is Canopus Sly, Jessica Johnson, who is cool and classic with evilness you want to hate, but love as she hunts for the 13th child. Of course, I can’t miss out Rats, Patrick Munday, brilliant puppetry throughout.

The set design is exceptional. But my highlight was the music from Katie Doherty absolute perfection.

This incredibly strong cast and crew are perfect for young and old for a Christmas treat.