The Mousetrap
The Mousetrap

AGATHA Christie is certainly the Queen of Crime and her stories are a regular on the touring circuit, but The Mousetrap is undoubtedly the most famous stage play, with its record-breaking run, having been in the West End since 1952. Luckily a touring version has been around for a few years and thankfully has returned to Darlington Hippodrome.

Set in an old country house we meet Mollie and Giles Ralston, Harriet Hare and Nick Biadon, as they are about to open the house for the first time as Monkswell Manor Guest House. There follows an ecliptic mix of guests who would never be together in any other circumstance. Once the guests have arrived, they are cut off from civilisation by the snow. We hear about an initial murder in London on the wireless, which is followed by a murder in the guest house, so it isn’t long before everyone appears to have something to hide and could either be the murderer or the next victim.

The outstanding cast give brilliant performances with the hilariously charming Lewis Chandler as Christopher Wren and Gwyneth Strong as Mrs Boyle, the annoying guest, who complains about everything. David Alcock as Mr Paravicini, who turns up unannounced, putting everyone on edge and Saskia Vaigncourt-Strallen as Miss Casewell, who gives the impression there is much more to her than we see.

Of course, after seeing a production of The Mousetrap you are bound by the code of keeping it all a secret, there is only one way to join this elite club and that is to make sure you catch The Mousetrap.

The Mousetrap runs until Saturday 4th May at Darlington Hippodrome.