The Lady Vanishes
The Lady Vanishes

BASED on the film directed by Alfred Hitchcock this talented star-studded cast transported the audience back to 1938.

Opening in an Austrian Railway Station there are a mix of passengers all rushing to return to England for various reasons. Amongst them are socialite Iris, Scarlett Archer, who is returning to marry a Lord and Miss Froy, Gwen Taylor, a former governess. After Iris has a slight accident just prior to boarding the train, Miss Froy takes care of her and after a cup of tea followed by a short sleep Iris wakes to find Miss Froy has disappeared and no one will admit to seeing her on the train. Also, on board are the secretive lawyer Eric, Mark Wynter, and his mistress Margaret, Rosie Thomson. Cricket loving Charters, Denis Lill, and Caldicott, Ben Nealon, who bring a touch of comedy to the proceedings and show we perhaps have not changed that much as the Englishman abroad. Dr Hartz, Andrew Lancel, an Italian magician, Martin Carroll, a military official, Joe Reisig and a nun, Natalie Law. After reluctantly befriending Max, Nicholas Audsley, the pair begin to unravel the mysteries onboard.

The set, Morgan Large, effortlessly transforms from the station to the interior of the train and back again. The atmosphere is enhanced with subtle lighting, Charlie Morgan Jones and sound, Dan Samson. Direction by Roy Marsden is slick throughout.

The intrigue and suspense of The Lady Vanishes will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow the twists and turns trying to spot the red herrings.

Runs until Saturday 19th October at Darlington Hippodrome.