Rocky Horror Show
Rocky Horror Show

THE Rock and Roll Musical from Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show has become such a cult over the years, it may not feel quite as outrageous as it once felt, but it’s still one of the most deliciously entertaining nights out.

The audience on the first night may have appeared a little subdued. There weren’t as many people dressed up to emulate the characters, but they still, politely, joined in by shouting out the expected lines, allowing the cast to drive the story on. There was the odd hesitation from the cast, waiting to see if the audience knew the correct response, but that didn’t detract from the performance. One of the highlights of the show is the Narrator, Philip Franks, whose perfect ad libs, bringing in a number of topical and local links are hysterical, he is one of the best Narrators I’ve seen.

The story follows Brad, Reece Budin, and his new fiancé Janet, Haley Flaherty, as their car breaks down and they stumble upon a castle, where they hope to find help. Here they encounter the subordinates of Riff Raff, Kristian Lavercombe, Magenta, Suzie McAdam and Columbia, Lauren Ingram. The power-crazed Frank N Furter, Stephen Webb, creates Rocky, Ben Westhead, as Brad and Janet’s values are undermined.

There is not one weak performance in this production every piece of acting and singing is absolute perfection, including the set, lighting, sound and the band.

There is only one warning – if you see this show, you’ll want to go again and again!

Rocky Horror Show runs until Saturday 8th January at Darlington Hippodrome.