Jaymi Hensley as Joseph
Jaymi Hensley as Joseph

JOSEPH and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat can feel that it is on a never-ending tour, having seen it several times over the last 15 years, but it never fails to impress and this new production is no exception.

Telling the Biblical story, from the book of Genesis, of Jacob and his Sons. Joseph, his favourite son, is sold by his brothers to be a slave, after their jealousy takes over when their father buys him a technicolored coat. There follows a journey where Joseph is jailed, then is saved through his skill for interpreting dreams. The story is told through many genres of music from gospel, country and western, calypso and includes the appearance of the Eiffel Tower during ‘Those Canaan Days,’ which may be a little confusing for those not familiar with the show, but these are some of the features that has made the show last so many years on the touring circuit and made it so loved by many, especially for those sheep!

In past productions I have seen it is often the narrator who steals the show, in this latest version it is Joseph, Jaymi Hensley, who takes full control with a strong and emotional performance. His vocals were very impressive, but it was his acting and the emotion he put into the role which made him stand out from previous productions especially in ‘Close Every Door.’ Trina Hill as The Narrator weaved her way amongst the action with ease and connected with the audience, cast and Joseph Choir with ease. She had such a warmth, which helped this connection. The ever-present Henry Metcalfe again plays Jacob and Potiphar, as well as producing the original chorography, he creates a performance which shows his vulnerability. Andrew Geater as Pharaoh has all the moves you would expect from Elvis.

This is a musical for the whole family, which will send you home with many great songs in your head.

Runs until Saturday 25th May at Darlington Hippodrome.