RECOGNISABLE CHARACTERS: Bunny Forsyth and Peter Firby in Alan Bennett’s 'A Visit from Miss Prothero
RECOGNISABLE CHARACTERS: Bunny Forsyth and Peter Firby in Alan Bennett’s 'A Visit from Miss Prothero

MEMBERS of the Castle Players are putting the final touches to their three Alan Bennett plays which will be performed next week.
Each of the three one act plays has a small cast so, although they are short in length, the actors have a lot of lines to learn. The importance of getting the lines exactly right isn’t lost on them.
Sarah Fells, who plays frumpy office worker Doris in Green Forms, said: “It has been great fun. The musicality of the lines is beautiful, and really gives you the motivation to get it right. Every line is perfectly placed.”
Bunny Forsyth, who plays the title character in A Visit from Miss Prothero, added: “Working on Miss Prothero has been hilarious and perplexing as she is such a complex and, in many ways, unpleasant character – she takes passive aggression to a new dimension.
“Yet that is Bennett at his finest and the dialogue is just a joy to experiment with.”
Although the plays are set in everyday situations, Bennett has the skill of getting under the skin of the characters and revealing a lot about their personalities, bringing out quirks and foibles others may not observe.
Peter Firby likens A Visit from Miss Prothero to “sitting back in your gran’s best armchair.”
He added: “The dry humour and one-line quips feel so reassuringly 1970s”.
New director Adele Tyler said: “Bennett’s plays are a joy to work on and a real test for both director and actors alike to get right.
“I don’t know why The Castle Players hasn’t done any Alan Bennett before. People coming to see the three one act plays are in for a treat.”
Alan Bennett is one of the UK’s most popular playwrights, known for film adaptations such as The Lady in the Van, and The History Boys. His short plays, like the series of Talking Heads, are also much loved.
Laurence Sach, chairman of the Castle Players, said “Alan Bennett has such an insight into the lives of ordinary people. His plays are rooted in genuine, recognisable characters and his perceptive dialogue, full of humour, tells you all you need to know about the lives they lead.”
The trio of one-act plays will be performed at The Witham, Barnard Castle, from November 11 to 13 and include a show at 2.30pm on Saturday, November 13.
Tickets are £12 and £10 from The Witham box office on 01833 631107 or online at