NEW ALBUM: Dave Kidd laying down the tracks for his new solo album, at his home studio   			   TM pic
NEW ALBUM: Dave Kidd laying down the tracks for his new solo album, at his home studio TM pic

ORGANISING and performing in the hugely successful Lockdown and Loaded online music events last year have inspired one dale singer-songwriter to start work on a new album.

Dave Kidd, originally from Cotherstone, was one of the musicians who entertained hundreds of people, performing sets live from his living room, during the events to help lift the lockdown gloom.

He said: “Playing in isolation was quite nerve-wracking. The atmosphere was very different because live you pick up the vibe from the audience and look around at the reactions. This was completely different.

“First off when we reached 3,000 followers on social media, I did get nervous that they’d all tune in. Around 500 logged on, which is still probably the biggest audience I’ve ever played to.”

Inspired by the experience, he added: “I started seriously putting tracks together in December and I’ve got nine-and-a-half done so far. I’m aiming for a nice round number of ten for the album.”

It’s not the first album Mr Kidd has recorded, but it’s his debut self-producing.

“I completed a couple of solo albums many years ago, when I would be in my early 20s,” he added.

“Andy Yeadon produced that at The Hub back then. This was back in the day when you would get CDs off the internet and give them out to friends.

“In 2004 I did a second album.

“Half of it I produced at home and half at The Hub. This will be the first album I have sat at home and done all on my own.

“I should have started this a couple of years ago, but perhaps the time wasn’t right.

“Now with lockdown restrictions, because you know come Saturday night you are not going out anywhere and no one is coming around, I have the free time.”

He said: “My wife Mairi encouraged me to do something I enjoy during lockdown, but it’s quite addictive and you can spend hours at a time sorting out a certain part of a track. Now she says I never see her.”

Recent events with the lockdowns and Covid restrictions have influenced Mr Kidd’s songwriting, with one of the tracks reflecting the struggle people have experienced.

He said: “When I was younger it was all about me. Now the songs more about what people are going through.

“There is a love song about my wife and one about people’s mental health, It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.

“My daughter had been talking about children’s mental health week at school and came home singing that, so I thought I’m stealing that line for my song.”

He added: “People have found it hard with the lockdowns.

“You can see in their eyes; you can see people are struggling and men are typical for not talking about how they are feeling.

“I have a couple of ideas for a title, nothing fixed yet. But this is probably the most interesting recording I have done. It’s a combination of all the stuff I have written in the last 10 years.

“Hopefully I should have the album finished by the middle to end of March.”

Although there are plans to release the album, nothing has been confirmed on which platform it will be available.