PROTEST SONG: Kirsty McLachlan
PROTEST SONG: Kirsty McLachlan

TEENAGE singer songwriter Kirsty McLachlan, from Boldron, was praised for a hastily written protest song she put together in just 40 minutes after she performed it online last week.
The teenager penned her song, It’s a Plague, to vent her frustrations at the recent political furore that Barnard Castle found itself at the centre of last week.
She performed the three and half minute song, accompanying on it on her baritone ukulele, on social media on Wednesday, May 27, after putting it together over a cup of tea.
She said: "I was chatting with some friends online and we were all complaining about the situation and I just had an idea and ran with it.
“It was a fun way to have a little rant about the situation and then stick it on the Barney Musicians Share page to see how other people felt about it.”
References to Dominic Cummings, plague masks and social distancing went down well with viewers who praised the “superb pithy writing” and complimented her on the catchy tune.