LOCAL HISTORY: The book written by Andrew Stables and Gary Marshall
LOCAL HISTORY: The book written by Andrew Stables and Gary Marshall

FROM architecture to Zetland Road, two history fans have written a book charting the A-Z of the dale.
Andrew Stables and Gary Marshall have penned A-Z of Barnard Castle and Teesdale, Places-People-History, published by Amberley Books.
Descried as a “delightful alphabetical adventure”, the book features 96 pages and a wealth of old photos and illustrations.
Mr Stables lives in York but was brought up in Teesdale. He has written six books for Amberley Publishing exploring the lesser-known histories of northern towns and cities.
Mr Marshall is a local history enthusiast and runs a Facebook group celebrating the area's heritage.
The pair wrote: “We hope to bring you a selection of historical events, people and places that have helped to create the unique character of this fascinating area.
“It includes stories from the past, organised into alphabetical order and chosen because of our own interest in the subject or because we felt they were essential to the story, and we hope they feel essential to you too.
“Some are well known and some are a little less familiar, but all are a crucial part of the region’s story.
“We will explore how a boy born to the premier Anglo-Norman family and founders of this English town became a king of Scotland, who in the end was forced to abdicate and was imprisoned in the Tower of London.”
The book also looks at rarely seen artefacts from a now demolished church thought to be Saxon in origin and which may define the origins of the town built along an old Roman road.
Amberley Publishing said: “With access to a wealth of old photographs and the archives of the impressive Bowes Museum, the authors also reveal, for the first time, a sketch of the town from the early 1700s by one of the renowned Buck brothers.”
The spokesman added: “The book explores some of the most influential people, unusual places and social histories to provide an exciting new view of a town.”
A-Z of Barnard Castle and Teesdale begins with a section on Joseph Kyle, the architect responsible for The Bowes Museum and other important buildings in Barnard Castle.
It ends with information on Zetland Road in Barnard Castle – a street built as part of a council housing estate when municipal housing became part of the welfare system. In between is everything from The Witham to a list of the many
long-gone pubs of Barnard Castle
The book is available for £15.99. Visit www.amberley-books.com