HAPPIER TIMES: The cast of Alice in Wonderland, which, in a break with tradition, was staged last summer
HAPPIER TIMES: The cast of Alice in Wonderland, which, in a break with tradition, was staged last summer

THIS year’s planned summer show by the Castle Players has been postponed to 2021.
Trustees of the theatre group say the decision was taken “with heavy hearts”.
After last year’s production of Alice in Wonderland, the group was due to return to its traditional Shakespeare show this year with The Comedy of Errors. It means that for the first time in 31 years the Players will not be producing a summer show.
Trustees say the decision was taken in light of Government advice and an indeterminate end to the impact of the virus.
Chairman Laurence Sach said: “We are delighted that director Gordon Duffy-McGhie has agreed to continue next year, and that The Comedy of Errors will feature as the company’s summer 2021 production, giving us much to look forward to.
“Thanks are due to the cast and everyone who has been involved with the production so far for their commitment and understanding.
“A lot of work has already been done, but, by moving the production to next summer, this will not have been wasted.”
Mr Sach added: “We have already spent money on things like the seating deposit, in preparation for this summer’s production and we hope to be able to transfer some of these costs to next year’s production or to reclaim them on our insurance; although neither is guaranteed at this stage.”
Although there will be no summer show in 2020, the Players remain optimistic that the planned autumn Alan Bennett evening and the winter production of Pygmalion will go ahead.
“In the meantime we are planning ways of providing some online content to keep our members busy and which we hope will provide some much needed distraction for our supporters during the lockdown,” said Mr Sach.
“We are grateful to The Friends of The Castle Players whose subscriptions provide invaluable support to the company and enable us to cover about a third of our annual fixed costs.
“This will help us through this difficult time and enable us to pick up where we left off, providing live theatre for the people of Teesdale and beyond. Community theatre provides many benefits for both those who are involved and the audiences who come to see our productions.”
He added: “Obviously, this is a very worrying time financially for a lot of people, but if anyone is interested in supporting us then please go to our website to become a Friend or to donate www. castleplayers.co.uk.”