COOKING UP A STORM: Comedian George Egg is bringing his DIY Chef show to Barnard Castle
COOKING UP A STORM: Comedian George Egg is bringing his DIY Chef show to Barnard Castle

AFTER performing traditional stand-up comedy for two decades, George Egg hit on what he considers the perfect recipe for success in a hotel room while on tour.

A passionate foodie, and not wanting to call up room service after a gig, he took to experimenting with the various appliances at his disposal to see what he could cook up.

He said: “I did that for a bit, just for pleasure, made a few films of it and then thought why am I not doing this on stage?”

The result was George Egg, Anarchist Cook, which proved a sell-out hit when it debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016.

He took the show on tour – first night was at The Witham – and such was its success that he’s back with a second course, this time set in a shed, rather than hotel room.

“The first show was borne of real life experience, with the stage set up like a hotel room,” he said.

“It toured really successfully so a I wrote this second show – DIY Chef. It’s a similar premise – breakfast lunch and dinner only using power tools.”

Although very much a comedian first, he is such an accomplished cook it could have provided an alternative income stream.

“I have been doing stand up for about 25 years but have been into cooking the whole time, so much so that about ten years ago I thought about jacking it in and opening a cafe,” he said.

“I have no training in cookery, but I am so into it I would feel confident that if I was put into a professional kitchen I know enough about it.”

Sam Turner

The proof of the pudding, so the saying goes, is in the eating, and the audience is invited to tuck into what George has cooked up at the end of his shows.

“The food is good. The show is absurd and comical but the culinary results are good,” he said.

He is bringing DIY Chef to The Witham on Saturday, June 23. So be prepared for pasta made with a paper shredder and a wall paper steamer put to good use in the kitchen.

“The first show (Anarchist Cook) went really well, although I was a bit nervous as it was the first tour date in Barnard Castle,” he said.

“This show (DIY Chef) has gone down great. I am finding feet with it and more in my stride.”

So, does he think there is a danger of over-egging the pudding with comedy and cooking?

Not at all.

“I think you can keep reinventing it. After all, there are infinite ways to cook and to combine ingredients.”

Tickets for George Egg, DIY Chef are £14, £12 concessions and are available from The Witham box office on 01833 631107 or from funnywaytobe .com. The show is suitable for ages 14-plus.