ON SONG: Ethan Manders has set up a home recording studio during coronavirus lockdown
ON SONG: Ethan Manders has set up a home recording studio during coronavirus lockdown

At just 16, aspiring singer-songwriter Ethan Manders is using the coronavirus lockdown to hone his sound and record material at his improvised home studio. Ethan is well known as member of Geriatric and the Pacemakers but has also written and performed many of his own original pieces with his other four-piece band The Waynes. He has set up a home studio so he can record a new single, which he hopes will be available later in the year.

How did you get into music and what instruments can you play?
I first became interested because both of my parents are heavily into music.
I first started playing the drums at TCR when I was seven, but we then realised I had to be nine years old so I went back then.
My main instruments are drums, bass and guitar.

What inspires your music?
Past experiences and situations I’m in during the time I’m writing them.
I play in two bands. One plays original material (The Waynes) with myself and Tom Leech, the bassist, writing the songs. I sing and play rhythm guitar.
And I am in a covers band called Geriatrics & The Pacemakers where I play bass guitar. We try to support local charity events like It’s a Knockout and Manhealth.

What are your favourite music genres?
Post punk redemption, indie rock and rhythm and blues.

When and where was your favourite performance?
I was in a band called Larry & The Sidewinder where I played drums. We did a gig at QE College, in Darlington, which had a very lively crowd.

Do you have a special place where you write music?
I just write at home but I need to be on my own so normally when my mum has gone to bed.

Apart from music what are your other interests?
I’m really interested in art, English literature and hanging with my pals.

Do you have a favourite lyric, and if so what is it and who wrote it?
It’s from a song called Baby I’m yours, by Barbara Lewis: “Baby I’m yours, and I’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky. Yours until the rivers all run dry”.

How are you keeping busy while the country is on lockdown?
My music is keeping me busy so I’m writing songs and I’ve set up a home recording studio.
I’m enjoying learning the sound engineering and production side of music with the help of The Waynes guitarist Finlay Hunton.
We are able to record tracks and send them to each other so that we can add bits to them.

Name three good things you have learned about people in the last few weeks
I’ve just realised how much my mates miss hanging around with each other.
People really do start to appreciate the outside world, it was something that was taken for granted.
Local fundraisers have put in a real effort for charities which is great to see because it really shows people’s dedication and their ability to come together

Where can people hear about your music?
I have Facebook pages for both bands that I’m in, just search for The Waynes (for the original music) and Geriatric and The Pacemakers (for the covers band).
I’ve also just set up a Youtube channel for my home studio recorded music called EthanMandersMusic. Go to https://www.youtube. com/channel/UCp3JaaWXbscZiPPlIIE2_nw.