Ethan Fletcher creates his own radio show to "keep busy" during lockdown
Ethan Fletcher creates his own radio show to "keep busy" during lockdown

A MICKLETON youngster, with ambitions to follow a career in presenting, created his own online radio show during lockdown especially for kids.
Twelve-year-old Ethan Fletcher who would “love to work for the BBC” in the future decided to use his spare time productively, creating his weekly radio programme, The Brit Kids Show.
He said: “At the start of lockdown I emailed lots of BBC DJs, about interviewing them. I only got one reply back, from Anthony Collins at BBC Radio Tees.”
The youngster completed an interview with Mr Collins and then set about starting a radio show aimed at children his own age, turning his bedroom into a makeshift studio.
After setting up a YouTube channel to host the show, Ethan designed a logo, created and recorded his own jingle, set up interviews using Zoom before editing for his first show, which aired on Saturday, May 23.
Enterprising Ethan has completed a further seven shows since the first premiered and has even introduced a topical quiz.
He added: “I did it really to keep busy after I’d done by school work. I’d like to carry on as long as I’m still enjoying making the show.
“I record my interviews and the leader board quiz through the week and then I record my main sections and links on Saturday morning before it’s premiered on my channel at 1pm.”
Ethan said he’s delighted that he already has a loyal audience. “Everyone likes my show and I have a regular listener who always replied to my weekly question. The radio show has helped me in these last months as it gives me something to do,” he said
“Every day when i finish my school work I either record sections of the show or write the script.
“I wished I’d started it earlier in lockdown, but as least I’ve started it now."
All Ethan’s radio show are available to listen to by visiting